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Diagnostic Services

Innovative Imaging Technology

Our sophisticated imaging equipment allows your doctors to detect and treat cancer faster and more effectively than ever before.

Using the latest, ground breaking, technologies our team can take clear digital pictures of the inside of your body that help your doctors answer important questions such as:

  • Where is the tumor?
  • Is it malignant?
  • Is it spreading?
  • How large is it?
  • What is the best way to treat it?
  • Is the treatment working?

Our imaging services include:

  • PET/CT: One of the most advanced diagnostic tools available to date, integrating two powerful imaging technologies into one procedure. PET/CT scans allow our cancer physicians to target the location of where your tumor is in your body and how receptive it is to the treatment being prescribed.
  • CT: Special x-ray technology that takes multiple images of the inside of the body from all angles and creates a three-dimensional view of tissues.
  • Imaging is an extremely versatile, critical diagnostic tool. Your team of oncologists will utilize these scans at all levels of your treatment to diagnose, stage, and assess cancer cells and tumors. Imaging technology enables your physician get an overview of your cancer in order to develop an effective treatment plan while monitoring changes and progress throughout your recovery.

Laboratory Services

Laboratory testing is a key component of the detection, diagnosis and treatment of cancer. Our in-house laboratory provides quick results for many routine tests, helping physicians prescribe the appropriate treatments as soon as possible. In situations where time is crucial, our ability to use our own innovative facilities gives the Cancer Center a key advantage in treatment efficiency.